About Lyndy's Green Chile, Salsas, and Instant Salsa Mix

Lyndy's Foods is a Colorado based company founded in 2013 that is proud to be bringing you the best tasting Gluten Free and Vegan Green Chile from the State of Colorado. Our award winning recipe comes in three delicious flavors. Mild, so you can experience the full flavor of the Hatch Green Chiles. Medium, for those who love the delicious flavor of the mild chiles, but like a little more of a kick!! Also Hot, we make some of the hottest Green Chile out there while retaining that delicious flavor chile heads demand.

Pick up a jar today and see what everyone is talking about........ You won't be disappointed. Lyndy's is proud to announce the sale of our proprietary products both online and in stores across the front range region. Be sure to keep in touch with Lyndy's Foods to receive product updates, and special promotional offers! Also, "like" our page on Facebook and follow us on Instagram!